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Bringing National Incident Reporting into the 21st Century

NIR-Online: Project Background
NIR-Online is a new web based system for the raising and distribution of NIRs within the UK Rail Industry.

Historically the old method of distribution by fax could take up to 12 hours and chasing acknowledgement of NIRs was a laborious process. It was also difficult to maintain audit trails and there was duplication of effort within the industry. In February 2003 a Joint Network Rail and ATOC submission to change GE/RT8250 to a web-based system was mandated.

NIR-Online has been developed by Interfleet Technology to carry out this mandate. The result is a web based system which only requires a user to have access to the internet and a NIR-Online account to provide NIR information with much quicker dissemination, improved visibility and audit trails in a consistent and user-friendly manner. NIRs are distributed instantly via email/ mobile SMS messages. This has the added benefit of better control over the NIR management process with less duplication of effort.

NIR-Online: Bringing National Incident Reporting into the 21st Century.
Welcome to NIR-Online
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